Sunday, March 18, 2012

Color Club - Wicked Sweet

I found my new favorite blue nail polish for the summer. I went into the pharmacy where I used to work a while ago and I saw they had a small collection of Color Club nail polishes that they never had before. It was a bunch of random colors from a mix of different collections. It was weird. So of course I had to get some.. I got this blue thinking it wouldn't be anything special and I finally tried it on and OMG I'm obsessed. It might just be me but I don't know I really love this blue. I didn't know it was scented though until I put it on and I'm not really a fan of the scent. It smells like blue raspberry to me. But seriously this blue is gorgeous. It's pretty sheer but 2 coats of it was perfect. It applied great. I had to look it up on other blogs because I didn't even know what collection it came from but I think it's from the Summer 2011 Collection. Here are the pics...

AHH obsessed! Lovesssssss it!


  1. lovely blue! and i love scented polishes

  2. I love this color! It's so bright! I gave you an award on my blog :)

  3. love this colour it's so bright!
    i nominated you for the Leibster blog award! check out the link to my blog and pass on the happiness :) x