Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taping Mani

Lauren Conrad posted a picture on Twitter of her friend's manicure & it looked so fabulous I had to try it. Now I'm seeing it every where on people's blogs lol.. I got this nail polish for Christmas and never used it so I figured I could use it in this mani. For my base I used Sinful Colors Black on Black with Essie's Matte About You over it. Then I used painter's tape because I feel like it makes my lines my precise than regular tape. For the triangles I used a nail polish from Forever 21's Love & Beauty line. I personally love Forever 21's nail polish, it's affordable & the quality isn't bad at all. I unfortunately do not know the name of it because the sticker on the back was ripped off. It has super tiny holographic glitter in a clear jelly base. You definitely need a couple of coats for it to be opaque. I has a problem with my matte top coat. For some reason it made my nail polish dent and left white dots on my nails when it dried. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. You'll probably be able to see it in the pictures.


  1. I actually have a version of this on right now (it'll be posted Thursday)! :D

  2. Wow great!

  3. This looks amazing!! I may have to try painters tape the next time I try a taping mani. My tape always sticks to the polish every time I try this! =0

    1. Painters tape works so much better than regular scotch tape for me. The polish would go under the tape & my lines would never be very precise. Definitely try the painters tape!

  4. hi, I gave you a Liebster Blog Award (read more about it here: http://zebra-nails.blogspot.com/2012/03/award-time.html)