Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ulta Howl at the Moon with Essie's As Gold As It Gets

So one of the nail polishes I never wore was this Ulta brand one called Howl at the Moon. I got it for Christmas and it came in a pack of 2. The other color is like a raspberry red and I think it was called Vampire Kiss. Gorgeous colors. I never tried an Ulta brand nail polish before this & I really like them. This color wasn't opaque but with 2 coats it looked perfect. My friend Adriana let me borrow her Essie As Gold As It Gets top coat because she's so fabulous. I painted her nails last week - I used Essie's Sew Psyched as a base coat and put Essie's As Gold As It Gets over it, it looked so good. I love the green and gold together. I'm trying to find the picture of the manicure but I can't find it :( I thought I would try a dark blue as a base. I really love these 2 colors together.


  1. this looks so pretty! i love as gold as its gets. i will have to try it over a dark blue. here is my swatch: