Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 17 - Glitter

LOVE GLITTER!! I had a hard time trying to figure out which glitter nail polish to use but I just bought this Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Red Carpet. It's a gorgeous red with tiny glitter in it that makes the nail polish look like glass. Omg I love! I wish they had a million colors like this one. I figured I would make it a Christmas design too. I've been wanting to do a Christmas design and I thought this would be a good color to use. Here are the pics: 

Here is the link for the tutorial I got the idea from to do the bow: MissChievous Christmas Gift Wrap Nails For the rhinestone I used one of the Hello Kitty sticker decals that are sold at Sephora.


  1. That's such a gorgeous red!!

  2. That's cute :3 I've seen your blog, and I really liked it! You have a new follower ^^