Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colorful French

This is another one of my favorite designs. I love a regular french tip - it's classy and elegant.. but why not put some color into it? For this design I used the same colors I used for the shatter design. See how many different things you can do with just a couple of colors? You don't need a million nail polishes.

For the base coat I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in #150 Petal Pusher. The pink is from Forever 21 Love & Beauty - Pink, the purple is from Color Club but the sticker isn't on the bottom anymore so I have no idea what the name of the color is, the yellow is from Sally Hansen - Mellow  Yellow, and the blue is from Brucci - Gianna's "Rockin" Blue. (Please excuse my cuticles, they're a mess right now.) I tried using tape for this design because I've been reading a lot of other blogs that say they use tape and they came out perfect, but obviously they didn't for mine. I didn't try to perfect this either, I just wanted to show you how cool this french design is.

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