Friday, November 11, 2011

Matte Zebra Print

The very first nail art I did was zebra print. The idea popped into my head out of no where and my first attempt at  it was horrid; it was random stripes all over my nail, looked nothing like zebra print, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Practice makes perfect & I think I have the zebra print down to almost perfect. But this one has a little twist. I got this idea from a photo I saw on Tumblr. I painted my nails black - Black on Black by Sinful Colors - & used the matte top coat from Essie. I made all my fingers matte except my two ring fingers. Then I used a black polish with a thin brush from Art Club and made the zebra stripes black, but they were shiny! This is how it came out.

BUT I got bored with my ring finger, of course, so what better way to make something more fun than to add glitter! :) This is my finished product:

For the glitter I put a top coat on to make my nail wet again & dipped my nail in Sephora by OPI nail glitter. I actually really love this glitter. The glitter is so fine, not chunky at all, and it's not too gritty. It's delicate which I think was really good for these subtle but super fabulous nails. I did the zebra print free hand, I didn't use any sort of stamping. These are definitely one of my favorite nail designs!


  1. I normally don't like animal print nails, but these are so cool and subtle that I really love them. It's truly a great idea! Might try this myself one day if I master striping.