Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Nails!

Here's an extra post for today. I saw a YouTube tutorial on this & I had to try it! Here are my turkey nails :)

For my base coat I used Forever 21's Love & Beauty polish in Nude. The red was Brucci - Jelly Apple, Yellow was Essie - Shorty Pants, Orange was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, the Brown was Orly - Naughty. The black was Art Club Nail Art Lacquer (with the thin brush) & the white was Kiss Nail Art Paint (also with a thin brush). Here is the tutorial I used: Julie G Thanksgiving Turkey Nails
I also saw another really cool Thanksgiving tutorial from Robin Moses, I just discovered her nail art and she's beyond phenomenal. Here is a link to her Thanksgiving nails: Robin Moses Thanksgiving Characters


  1. this is really cute! you have a talent hun! :) by the way im your new follower, im on my holographic week now, i am featuring all my holographic nail polish, hope you like my nail designs too,hihi i really wish that im good in freehand too like you :)